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Canford Law Turns Three!

On March 1st 2020 Canford Law will celebrate our third birthday. The start-up of 2017; a distant memory shadowed by multiple office moves, significant growth, expansion and diversification. Canford Law, now spread across three UK sites, continues to develop a strong hold on its offering of insurance and commercial litigation.

Structured development, supported by reassuring levels of staff retention, beckons further expansion as the CL Development Team set their sights on further diversification for the second half of 2020.

As part of the underlying notion of developing knowledge and staying current, this week saw Canford’s Litigation Department team up with Thomas More and Lindenhall Chambers in London where teams discussed;

  1. MIB – Claims, Process, Pitfalls

  2. Agency in credit hire – Pleadings, Witness Evidence and Ratification

  3. 113th Update to the Civil Procedure rule – Particulars of Claim

  4. Insurance -Article 75, RTA, Contact

Canford Law would like to extend our gratitude to both Thomas More and Lindenhall with a special thanks to Brett Williamson, Sam Aynsley, Natalie Foster and Michael Smith for their insightful and thought-provoking presentations.

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