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Commercial Litigation

Canford Law, Commercial Litigation

Being an extended arm of a clients’ business is paramount to Canford being able to deliver the highest of service. In attempts to establish the extended arm relationship Canford’s clients are:

  • Offered Portal Access to a bespoke Case
    Management System

  • Provided with detailed, reserve bearing, reports on
    all litigated case

  • Furnished with Detailed and Illustrative MI

  • Offered trend analysis MI and reports

  • Given one to one contact with enthusiastic, dedicated and experienced handlers

  • Kept up to date on the latest movements in the industry

  • Offered regular training and workshops on desired topics and change management


Canford’s Lawyers are professionals in developing relationships with their clients who are reassured through regular contact. Clients are advised on all levels of a claim and regularly given a best and worst case scenario, in order to allow them to reserve accordingly. Canford Lawyers come with a “can-do” attitude. Relentless investigation on cases ensures that clients obtain the very best outcome, on each claim.


The commercials of any case are always at the forefront of a Canford’s Lawyer’s minds. Clients are advised from the outset on the commercial risks of running cases on principal. However, such tactics are not something Canford shies away from, as they always operate an extremely robust approach to negotiations when dealing with claims.



Our commitment to our clients, in not to lose sight of what really matters. As long established practises continue to grow in structure and size, with more and more extravagant pitches for market domination, market chat suggests that services are slipping. Canford intends to rectify this, by putting the service
back into claims handling. Canford prides itself on being an extended arm of its clients’ business. For too long, claims handling has reverted to ‘churning the work out’, Canford’s approach is different. Size is irrelevant, all clients are given the personal service required to justify a working relationship.


Canford has specialised, dedicated lawyers, who don’t move around to different departments and can be contacted by the client at all times. Lawyers at Canford are handpicked and come with experience of the industry, something which seems to be over-looked by some, as the demand for staff to fulfil
promised workloads take priority.

The standard of Canford Law’s work, does not slip,

on outsourced programmes. 

Lawyers will strive to continually improve
quality and efficiency, in order
to ensure that
clients receive the very best of service.

We work with companies, resolving issues in a timely fashion and always to our clients’ best interest. Our lawyers will set out a case plan, taking into account the facts on instruction. Our first point of call is to advise on procedure and whether disputes should be resolved through court proceedings, or alternative dispute resolution, including mediation.   We like to think of ourselves as proactive when dealing with any dispute.


We listen to our clients and provide them with the very best advice on how to proceed. Constructing the correct strategy from the outset is important, but having ability to deal with new evidence, or any change, is paramount to getting the very best results for our clients.

We are able to assist with:

•    Administrative and Public Law

•    Advocacy

•    ADR

•    Contract disputes

•    Competition law

•    Corporate and M&A disputes

•    Corporate fraud

•    Investigations

•    Insurance issues

•    Intellectual Property

•    Professional negligence

•    Procurement challenges

•    Property litigation

•    Technology disputes

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