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Are you living in a rented property in desperate need of repair?

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We will assist with getting your rented property repaired and compensation to you.


Housing disrepair is qualified as a rented property which requires repairs, to be carried out in order to ensure that the property is a habitable environment for tenants to continue living in.


By law a Landlord owes a duty of care to its tenants to ensure that certain things run smoothly during a tenancy. Should a Landlord breach their duty of care and fail to carry out the required works, the Tennant may have a viable claim of Housing Disrepair.


Landlords (Private and Council/Housing Association) may be pursued should they fail to deal with:

  1. Mould, damp,

  2. Condensation/poor ventilation

  3. Leaks

  4. Drainage

  5. Vermin infestation

  6. Structural issues including cracks and repointing of brick work

  7. Loss of heating or running water.


Are you a tenant experiencing any of the following?


Mould and Damp

Does your property suffer from mould or damp, caused by a lack of ventilation, a leaking roof, or faulty gutters?

Faulty Windows 

Are your windows satisfactory? Is their current state creating a security or heating issue?

Electrical Dangers

Have you been provided with an Electrical Certificate, are there unsafe appliances or mains in the property?

Faulty Heating

Is the heating of your property insufficient? Is your boiler working?  Are you without heated water?

Drainage Issues

Are your gutters maintained to a satisfactory standard, do you have a drainage issue?

Vermin and Pests 

Has the property developed a pest issue which requires urgent attention?

Plumbing Issues

Do you have a reoccurring leak?

Structural Problems

Have you noticed large cracks in plasterwork which you are worried about?

Rising Damp

Have foundation issues or insufficient drainage led to rising damp in the internal walls of the property?

What's Our Process

We will work with you to ensure that your claim moves forward correctly and quickly.  If you have housing disrepair at your rented property and you have complained to you landlord, but they have failed to take action, we can assist.


Cases are taken on a No Win No Fee basis. This means that should your case fail you pay nothing. We will cover the required disbursements to fund your case (court and expert fees). We will also cover the costs of the other side should your claim be unsuccessful.

Should your claim be successful, our fees and costs are deducted from your award. Our fees are capped at 25% of your award.

You may cancel our Agreement within 14 days of receiving it without risk of any financial responsibility.




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